Privacy & Policy

About this Privacy Policy

Privacy and the security of transactions are core elements of cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology and its whole global movement. Premiumwayfx really appreciates the trust clients have in us when trading cryptocurrencies and other digital assets on our platform.

For this reason, privacy and data security have an enormously high priority for the Premiumwayfx group. It is very important to us that you feel safe during your visits to our website and while using our services as well as over the course of all other business transactions with us. As soon as you make use of products and/or services of Premiumwayfx, you entrust us with the processing of your personal data. Premiumwayfx wants to give you the best possible experience with our platform to ensure that you enjoy the usage of our products and services now and in the future. That's why we want to understand the user behavior on our platform in order to continuously improve it.

Therefore, in this Privacy Notice, we want to transparently inform you which personal data we collect from you and why and who might receive it. Furthermore, we would like to inform you which precautions we take to protect your personal data, which rights you have in this context and to whom you can turn for data protection concerns.

Regarding the terms used in this Privacy Notice, such as “Processing” or “Controller”, we refer to the definitions of the GDPR.

This Privacy Notice is drafted in English and German. In case of conflict the English version shall be the binding version.


Are minors allowed to use Premiumwayfx’s services? 

No, the products and services of Premiumwayfx are not directed to people under the age of 18 years. Only persons of legal age are permitted to use the services of Premiumwayfx and register for an account. Therefore, we are not knowingly collecting personal data from minors. So, if you are under the age of 18 years, please do not use Premiumwayfx’s platform and do not provide us with any personal data.


Who is responsible for the data processing and who can you contact?

Premiumwayfx is aware that both the protection and the careful handling of your personal data are very important. Premiumwayfx will solely use the Personal Data provided by you in compliance with the applicable data protection laws and this Privacy Notice.
Generally, each company of the Premiumwayfx Group is a Controller pursuant to Art 4 para 7 GDPR and therefore responsible for the processing of personal data in connection with the services provided by the specific company (for the different services see Point 2). In some cases, entities of Premiumwayfx might act as Processor pursuant to Art 4 para 8 GDPR on behalf of each other.
Due to the high data security standards in the Premiumwayfx Group, Premiumwayfx considers it necessary to implement a group-wide uniform data protection strategy. Thus, Premiumwayfx GmbH acts as a central point of contact for all data protection issues concerning all services offered by the Premiumwayfx Group via the platform.

Data categories and sources:

Which personal data do we process and from which sources does the data originate?

We process the personal data that we receive from you within the scope of the business relationship and your usage of our Website. Furthermore, we might process data we receive within the Premiumwayfx Group and data we have received from credit agencies, debtor directories, business analysis providers and from publicly accessible sources (e.g.: commercial register, register of associations, land register, media, sanctions lists).

Social Media presence:

Is your data processed on social media platforms and who is responsible in such cases?

Premiumwayfx maintains social media presence on different platforms (see below) in order to communicate with its active Clients, prospective Clients and interested social media users about Premiumwayfx’s services, products and other news. For your own use of such social media platforms, the general terms and conditions, as well as the privacy policies and practises (e.g. processing outside of the European Economic Area) of these operators, apply. We would like to point out that user data may also be processed outside the European Union. This can result in risks for users due to different legal frameworks (e.g. it could make it more difficult to enforce data subject rights).
Social media platforms might track your behaviour (e.g. what content you clicked on or what websites you opened) when you are logged in to your account. To prevent such associations, you may want to log out of your social media accounts. Premiumwayfx has no control and no responsibility over the general activities of social media platforms and your behaviour and will therefore not assume any liability for damages incurred by them using your personal data. For more information regarding tracking, cookies and similar technologies as well as opt-out possibilities in Premiumwayfx’s own services and associated services,
Contrary to what was said about the general practices of social media platforms, Premiumwayfx is responsible for the processing of personal data gathered by communicating directly with us via such platforms (e.g. likes, direct messages, comments). At the same time, this personal data will also be processed by the social media platform itself according to their own practices and privacy policy and we have no influence on this. For a detailed explanation of the respective processing and the possibilities of exercising data subject rights and opting out of tracking with providers of social media networks, we refer to the respective privacy notices of the providers.